JRC | Radar CX Alarms

RRP: £29.99 to £139.99 | Online: jrc-fishing.co.uk

We saw these alarms at the JRC trade show, and can’t wait to get our hands on them. They look great, and are priced well. The heads are available in blue, red, orange, and green, for £39.99, which includes a custom hard case. There is also a pickup receiver for £29.99, or a set of three (mixed or all blue) with remote and a carry case for £139.99. I’m sure you’ll agree that these are all great value.

The alarms have been designed, engineered, and tested in the UK, and have no-nonsense controls that are user-friendly. Travelling LEDs show the direction of the take (dropback or run), and they latch for 20 seconds. All the settings, volume, tone and sensitivity are stepless for perfect fine-tuning, and the sound comes via a magneto-dynamic speaker with a digital amplifier, to make it crystal-clear and sharp. The housing is made from super-tough high-impact ABS, with non-slip rubber pads for the rod. It looks stylish, is weatherproof, and contains the double-sealed electronic parts. There is a manual night-light function, power switch, and a low-battery warning; talking of which, it takes a 9V battery. 

Finally, there is a power-out socket, and a rolling ID function which prevents interference from other alarms. While on the subject, the receiver has four channels, uses the same speaker technology, has a large on/off switch, as well as an easy-to-operate volume control. We think these alarms are brilliant, and after a quick inspection, they do everything they should, even more in fact, and at this price they are well worth a closer look. Keep an eye out for the review; as soon as we get a set in the office, we’ll give you the low-down on how they perform on the bank.

Mick Clifford