LED Lenser | XEO19R

RRP: £249.95 | Online: ledlenser.com


Winter nights seem to last forever when you’re sitting behind the rods, and without adequate lighting, it can be a very dull time to be on the bank. Having the correct equipment to ensure you can see everything you are doing, and keep safe, is of paramount importance, so a headtorch is a vital piece of equipment for the modern carp angler. 

The LED Lenser XEO 19R has been incredibly well thought out and designed for a whole array of uses, and comes complete with a huge choice of attachments to suit what you are doing. This includes connectors for tripods, bike helmets, belt clips, and a GoPro accessories connector. What makes this headlamp really stand out is the superb battery and light functions, which are simple to use and practical, including the Standard Power function for general use, which allows you to have a high light output that is ideal for every situation. The Low Power function lengthens battery life and prevents glare, and it’s a very economical setting which is ideal for tying rigs in the bivvy or for when sitting next to the lake at night, waiting for a bite. The other functions are Boost and Blink; the Boost function allows you to have a short duration of maximum power, allowing you to see clearly even in the darkest of places, and the Blink function gives bursts of light at regular intervals to alert someone of your location.

One of the most impressive parts of the XEO 19R is the battery pack itself, which is fully rechargeable. It features a USB port, so other devices can also be charged, such as mobile phones and other electrical devices. It can be easily detached from the headlamp strap and comes with a soft neoprene pouch for safe storage, and the outer casing is water- and dust-resistant so you can have confidence it won’t fail while playing fish at night in the rain. The overall weight of the XEO 19R is 478g, and it’s absolutely packed with other features such as a charge indicator, so you always know how full the battery is, an Advanced Focus System to pick out things in the distance at night, and a Transport Lock which stops the light from being turned on during transit. 

This headlamp has been built to last, and is available in three different colours: green, black, and white, with a full list of accessories that can be purchased separately. It will give you years of use and reliability.

Technical Specifications

- Boost mode: Power – 2000 lumens; beam distance – 300m; run time – 4 hours

- Power mode: Power – 1000 lumens; beam distance – 220m; run time – 8 hours

- Low Power mode: Power – 200 lumens; beam distance – 100m; run time – 20 hours

- Emergency mode: Power – 10 lumens; beam distance – N/A; run time – 400 hours