NGT | Waterproof Two-layer Microfleece 4-Season Sleeping Bag

RRP: Expect to pay around £60 | Online:

The NGT Waterproof Two-layer Microfleece 4-Season Sleeping Bag is an ideal all year-round bag which is super-comfortable and cosy warm. The warmth comes from the two layers of microfibre fleece lining which allows it to be breathable too, and very comfortable. It’s perfect for those who enjoy summer nights under the stars on the bank, when moisture can gather on the outside of the bag and soak into the insulation. Thanks to the water-repellent outer shell, this isn’t an issue, and it will keep you warm if you are caught out on a colder night.

It fits perfectly onto a variety of standard-sized bedchairs, thanks to the bechair-fixing strap and foot pocket as standard. It fits snugly over the end of the bedchair, keeps it in place, and stops the end of the bag falling off the bed and into the mud. It has further added comfort with the built-in pillow which can easily be removed to wash. It simply zips in place in the pocket, and pull cords can be tightened to keep the hood fastened over the headrest of the bechair to prevent heat loss from the top of the bag. 

There are crash zips down each side of the sleeping bag for a quick exit when you get a bite, whichever way you are facing, and Velcro tabs fasten over the top of the zips to them catching on anything. The bag is supplied in a robust compression sack, which keeps the size to a minimum for storage, and carry handles for easier transit to and from the lake. 

Mick Clifford