Penn | Affinity II 8000LCe

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cPenn reels are used all over the world, have a good reputation in many aspects of fishing, from big-game fishing to spinning, and are renowned for being great-quality and super-reliable. Many people refer to them as being ‘bombproof’. 

Following on from the success of the original Penn Affinity reels, which proved to be popular amongst carp anglers of all abilities, the updated Affinity II 8000LCs have finally arrived, and they fully live up to the expectations. This is an all matt-black reel with minimalistic branding and two options of handles, with both wooden and plastic handle knobs, which is sure to appeal to many anglers, especially those who desire a custom feel without having to spend custom reel money. 

The reels have been manufactured from an incredibly strong yet lightweight graphite frame with matching graphite side plates, which also helps with the weight reduction. The spool has been designed with distance casting in mind, is forged and machined from aluminium, and features two line clips, which makes it easier to clip up at multiple distances. It has built-in slow oscillation which has been designed to give incredible line lay over the spool, giving excellent performance for long-distance casting with both braid and mono lines.

They have also been given saltwater-resistant treatment, which adds to how robust these reels are, and it minimises long-term corrosion, so prolonging the overall life of the reels. There is an ultra-smooth clutch, due to the HT-100 carbon fibre drag washers, and the 6+1 stainless steel ball bearings give superb overall smoothness, even under heavy retrieve pressure. There is a manual bail arm and rotor brake, and a spool capacity of 370 yards of 15lb line, which can be judged using the line capacity rings located on the lip of the spool, and a recovery of 43ins per turn of the handle. This makes it an easy task to wind in when fishing at long range, and as well as being suitable as a reel for fishing, they are also suited to spodding and marker work. 

Mick Clifford