WileyX | WX Rebel

RRP: £119.95 | Online: wileyx.com

When you ask a lot of big-name anglers what their number one piece of equipment is, many of them say it’s their polarised sunglasses, and for good reason because they allow you to see things that you might normally miss.

The WX Rebels from Wiley X are simply superb, allowing you to see into the depths with perfect clarity, without straining your eyes. They are incredibly comfortable to wear, and feature polarised bronze lenses mounted in a matt-layered tortoise frame which looks great. They are supplied in a black zipped case to keep them safe when not in use. The lenses have been manufactured from a shatterproof Selenite polycarbonate, and have been made to high velocity and impact standards, while the T-Shell coating makes them scratch-resistant, prolonging the life and ensuring perfect clarity.

Mick Clifford