Cygnet | Minimal Range

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The latest products from the Cygnet Tackle stable have certainly grabbed our attention, and there’s plenty to get your teeth into. There’s a whole new range of bankware – the Minimal range – which has been styled on the massively successful 20/20 range, with the thumbscrews, hard-wearing bankstick points, and the other attributes that have made the range so popular amongst the carp-angling community.

The Minimal range is made up of banksticks and buzz bars in a variety of sizes and lengths, which come in the same sleek black colour that is so popular with the whole Cygnet range of bankware. The main difference to this new range is that it’s slim, while remaining incredibly strong, and keeping all the attributes which have been successful in the 20/20 range. All the banksticks have been finished with solid metal tips which are very hard-wearing, and due to the thinner profile, they can be pushed into the ground with ease; this makes light work of hard ground where thicker banksticks might struggle.

The thumbscrews have stainless steel tips, so they can form a much better purchase on the inner section of the bankstick when adjusting and extending to the desired height. Although they are thinner, they are still incredibly strong but remain lightweight, which is ideal for those who prefer a lighter setup, or even want to shed any extra weight so it’s easier to stay mobile. They come in six different lengths; from 6ins-10ins for those who prefer a lower setup, all the way to 24-46ins for getting the rod tips high, putting them in the water, or for when the ground is incredibly soft. 

The whole theme behind the range is that less is more, which means that the buzz bars are straightforward too. They have a slim profile and are strong, and thanks to the minimalistic styling, there’s absolutely nothing to go wrong with them. Simply screw on the alarms, attach the bankstick, and you’re ready to go. And they look great too, with spacing that allows the rods to be closer for those who prefer the tarty style. Various sizes are available in both two-rod and three-rod options, so you can find the right size for you.