Cygnet | Torque Screws

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There are some other great products that have been added into Cygnet’s range of tackle, such as the brand new 20/20 Torque Screws, which can make life on the bank that little bit easier, especially in the cold. The Torque Screws allow you to get more purchase than the standard thumbscrews, and they can be easily tightened or loosened to adjust the banksticks. They look smart too, being available in both stainless steel and anodised black.

They have been manufactured in stainless steel, so they are very hard-wearing, and won’t lose their grip over a period of time. The small metal bar which goes through the body of the thumbscrew makes it easy to nip up the banksticks so they are tight and stable, which gives you confidence that they are going to stand solid when you need it most, such as snaggy angling situations to aid with twist prevention.