Imperial Baits | iRock Leads

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Many anglers are becoming more conscious of pollution and the effects that lead may have in waterways in Europe and the UK, so the iRocks from Imperial Baits are a superb alternative to traditional leads, without losing the effectiveness that a lead offers. There have been many alternatives to leads, but none have been quite like this, as size is often compromised when trying to match the size-to-weight ratio which lead offers. 

The iRocks have been manufactured using a highly-patented mixture which is completely friendly to the environment, even when left on the lakebed if lost, and are almost twice as heavy for their size as conventional stone-style leads. They are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 80-300g, which is more than adequate for most styles of fishing.

Due to the fact that they are slightly larger in size, casting may be a bit more difficult. The drop through the water is slower, and they don’t plug into the lakebed as much, unlike a normal lead. They are ideal for dropping out of boats, especially onto shallow hard areas when the lead is required to drop on the take, and thanks to them being completely magnetic, they can be retrieved from a shallow spot; this saves on leads and money – simply drag a magnet through the spot and pick them up. 

Another key point about these genius casting weights is that unlike leads, they don’t require any coating, and have been manufactured from a porous material which won’t chip and reveal a shiny inner. They can even be soaked in liquid attractors which leak out over prolonged periods of time, thanks to the numerous tiny holes in the iRocks.

Sizes available:

 80g = 2.8oz  | 100g = 3.5oz | 120g = 4.3oz | 140g = 4.9oz | 160g = 5.6oz

180g = 6.35oz | 200g = 7.1oz | 250g = 8.8oz | 300g = 10.6oz