Nash | Pursuit Rods

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The original Nash Pursuit rods had a good pedigree, so the latest range of the new Pursuit models really had to live up to the name. 

Designed to deal with the demands of the modern carp angler, the new range of Nash Pursuit rods are stunning to look at, and are more than capable of coping with the most extreme angling situations. They have been manufactured using low-resin blanks, which allows for faster recovery, and the advanced carbon blanks have been finished in a stunning 3k weave design. There are blank alignment markers to ensure both sections line up perfectly, and the eyes are as straight as possible so line can pass freely. The eyes are tournament-style with reverse mounted Lo-fi rings to aid with reducing line frap-ups. 

The rods deliver a crisp performance and have robust blanks, which is a result of the demand for greater power to control bigger and stronger fish, or casting heavy PVA bags, or fishing in snaggy environments. There are several options to choose from in the range, which cover all bases for every kind of carp-fishing situation you could possibly think of. The three different finishes are cork, full shrink and abbreviated, in lengths that vary from 7ft to 13ft. The 7ft variation is perfect for extracting fish from tight areas, yet still has the power to keep full control over the biggest of carp because of the 3lb test curve. It’s also the lowest-priced rod in the range, at £87.99, but is a useful tool to have. 

The 12ft models start at 3lb TC. It’s an ideal all-round rod and retails for £136.99, and is perfect to use on a local lake when targeting double-figure fish, or when fishing wide open waters. The 12 and 13ft models are available in 3.5lb TC in a stepped-up version, which has increased power and a stiffer butt section. This allows for even further distance when fishing at extreme range or in the harshest of environments. The top-end 13ft stepped-up rods in the range retail for £192.99, which gets you the cork version. On the abbreviated version, the blank remains the same but it retails for much less, at £164.99. 

We were lucky enough to test out the 12ft 3.25lb TC abbreviated version, which performed exceptionally well and made casting effortless. This rod is ideal for a whole variety of situations, and soft enough to be used on smaller venues, with enough power in the butt section to turn powerful fish. Although I’m normally a huge fan of cork, I found that the abbreviated version felt and looked superb. The Lo-fi rings allowed the line to flow with ease, and I could cast without worrying about frapping-up, even on the tip, thanks to the anti-frap tip eye. 

As well as being technically brilliant, the rods are also cosmetically stunning, and the 3k weave is just the beginning. They feature a soft-touch rubber reel seat which is low profile, and carbon line clips for those who prefer to fish with the lines in the clips for improved bite indication. The tournament-style eyes have been whipped onto the blank with a matt black finish, and glossy black decals as the finishing touches, which go right up to the flared tip ring. This prevents any tip-frapping, which helps with confidence when casting these powerful rods. 

The rods feature laser-etched butt caps with an isotope slot on both the cork and shrink models. This looks superb and is beautifully finished; the abbreviated version is finished with a custom ball grip which is non-slip. Overall, these rods are highly impressive and certainly worthy of the Pursuit name. They cover every aspect of a modern carp angler’s needs and demands, and we think they’re set to become iconic rods once again.

Mick Clifford