Scales For the Roving Angler

These natty little scales were sent to us by a local company, Marsden’s Weighing Machine Group based in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, who are world-known for their measuring scales. Weighing in at 276 grams we though they were great for roving anglers who like to travel light, and with the capacity to weigh up to 50KG (110lb), these should satisfy even the most optimistic carper.

The scales are small enough to fit in the user’s pocket and run on standard AAA batteries. The compact unit has a retractable handle and weigh hook which can be clipped into the back of the scale. They are compact. lightweight and well-made, and given that Marsden’s produce a lot of measuring kit for the medial industry, we expect them to be very accurate. The functionality is simple and the display has back light option suitable for night time weighing, along with a built in 1 metre tape measure for the angler who likes to log the length of their capture as well as weight. At £12.00 per set we cannot knock these natty little scales, the only downside we can find is that they weigh in kilo’s, so you would have to convert the weight to pounds and ounces.

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Mick Clifford