Avid | Tuned Rubber Air Dry Bags

RRP: From £6.99 to £10.99 | Online: Avidcarp.com

If you’re a fan of using freezer baits and like to air-dry them, you’ll all be familiar with the smell of a well-used air-dry bag. These Tuned Rubber Airdry Bags from Avid help to eliminate the terrible smell, and keep baits in perfect condition, so prolonging the life.

The bags have been shaped specifically to fit inside other Tuned items of luggage, such as carryalls and accessory bags, and are user-friendly. They come with hanging straps and rubberised mesh frame. They are available in three different sizes, starting at Small which holds up to a kilo of bait, right up to the Large size which can hold upwards of 7kg.

They can be stored in the freezer without being damaged, thanks to the freezer-proof properties, and have been perfectly finished with the brown leather logos and zip tags which have been used throughout the Tuned luggage range.

Mick Clifford