Coleman | CXS+ 300 Rechargeable LED HeadTorch

RRP: £54.99 | Online:

The Coleman CXS+ 300 Rechargeable LED Head Torch uses clever gesture-sensing technology called KineSix™, which allows you to adjust the light by simply waving your hand past the torch. The USB-rechargeable Lithium ION battery lasts for up to 50 hours providing it isn’t being used on full beam constantly, and has a beam distance of up to 50m thanks to the 300 lumens, which can decrease depending on your requirements. 

There is also a clever function called the Coleman® REAX™, which is a light sensor that changes the brightness of the light depending on the range at which you focus the torch, which is ideal when playing fish at night or sorting out tackle in the bivvy. It also features Coleman’s special Battery Lock system; this completely disengages the battery when not in use, so when you use the headtorch again, the battery hasn’t lost any charge, and there’s no risk of a flat battery when you need it the most.