Bait-Tech | Triple-N Range

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Bait-Tech have over 35 years of bait-making experience, and when we saw the latest offering, it’s clear to see just how effective the Triple-N range is going to be.

With a wealth of bait-making knowledge, Bait-Tech haven’t left any stone unturned while developing the Triple-N range of baits. It is a beautifully creamy and sweet bait, with a fantastic aroma which smells almost good enough to eat. Specially refined milk proteins and carefully selected birdfoods complement the nutty base of the bait. It includes no less than three different nuts: tiger nuts, hazelnuts and reduced fat peanuts. These have been combined with a unique and careful blend of nutmeals and flours, at the optimum levels to produce a superb all-year-round bait that can be easily digested, even in the coldest of conditions. Its high-nutritional content gives it the correct profile of essential amino acids which are specific to the carp’s dietary requirements. This is thanks to the exceptional quality of the raw ingredients, which have all been carefully sourced to ensure they are of the best quality possible.

Within the Triple-N range, there is an assortment of hookbaits available for £4.99. This includes wafters, pop-ups in both natural and washed-out colours, hard hookers, and dumbbells with glugs; the Nutty Glug ticks all the boxes for high attraction. They are available in a variety of sizes to match the bottom baits: 10mm, 15mm and 18mm, and retail at £10.99 per kg. These are a lovely creamy-brown colour and smell superb.

            During the initial testing period, there were some very impressive results from Bait-Tech consultants. The original testers caught fish to over 40lb in a very short period of time, plus numerous 30-pounders, which shows that it is already a very capable bait for tempting some very big fish. However, it’s not just aimed at big-fish waters, as Bait-Tech found when it was released to a wider group of consultants. The results soon came flying in, with numerous anglers reporting triple takes, even during the depths of winter, on venues such as Sandhurst and Walthamstow. It suits every application, whether targeting wary big fish or going for instant attraction. There are products within the range that allow you to have the best of both situations, making it a fantastic go-to bait.

BaitMick Clifford