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The Key Cray combines the hugely successful HNV base of proteins used in the Key, with the deadly Nash Bait crayfish meal. It is set to be one of the most effective carp baits ever produced. The bait has a unique nutritional profile that fish actively seek out and see as a good food source, making it effective for a variety of applications. It can be introduced over a period of time when prebaiting, or used on short sessions where a more instant bait is required. It contains a balanced combination of aminos, proteins and essential vitamins and minerals, and thanks to the coarse texture, the attraction seeps out with ease, giving off strong food signals that draw fish into the swim and encourage feeding.

The Key Cray range has a number of products designed to complement each other and boost attraction in the bait. This gives an even greater chance of a bite, and a convenient range of superb-quality baits which can be used whichever way you like. There is a great variety of hookbaits, so there are several options to choose from to suit your fishing style. This includes Wafters, Pop-Ups, Hard Ons and Cultured Hookbaits, which have a hard core with Key Cray cultured paste wrapped around it. This slowly breaks down on the lakebed, leaving a small morsel of bait around the hard core in the middle. It is resistant to any nuisance species, slowly releasing aminos, nucleotides, and vitamins and minerals.

            If you prefer to load the attraction around the hookbait without using a lot of boilies, there are several options that work perfectly with the hookbaits within the range. The Key Cray Cultured Hookbaits are brilliant when used alongside the matching stick mix, which slowly leaks off attractants, leaving the scent of crayfish lingering in the area, and preoccupying them with small particles before reaching the hookbait. As well as this, there are feed pellets and Key Cray Flake, which is also very convenient. It takes away the need to chop baits, and is excellent for fishing over weed because it settles on top without sinking. It’s perfect for weedy lakes where Chod Rigs and light leads need to sit above the weed.

If you want to boost baits to make them as attractive as possible, or just to encourage further interest or activity in the swim, there are two liquids to choose from. The Key Cray Signal Liquid is a PVA-friendly liquid that gives off powerful food signals, designed to give long-lasting attraction in large waters, rivers, and tougher venues where action may not be instant. The other liquid in the range is the Key Cray Liquid Bait Soak, which is used as a bag dip, stick mix liquid, or even to glaze pellets, floaters and boilies.

If you’re looking for something different to try, the Key Cray range has everything you could possibly want. It takes away a lot of the hardship of bait preparation, giving you baits which are the pinnacle of freshness, super-convenient, and highly effective.

BaitMick Clifford