TigerNut Extract | Crafty Catcher


RRP: £7.99 | Online: copdockmill.co.uk

There is no doubt that liquids make a difference to your results, and this Tigernut Extract from Crafty Catcher, part of the liquid attractants range, is a proven winner. Water-soluble liquid foods like this can be added directly into boilie mixes, or used to soak baits which then emit a powerful food signal into the baited area. These Crafty liquids have been at the core of their bait production for 30 years, and all are exceptional fish attractors. This liquid is PVA-friendly and versatile, is perfect for boosting boilies, pellets, particles, sticks and groundbaits, and brilliant for customising boilie mixes and glugging hookbaits. 

Mick Clifford