TITAN T1 | Nash


RRP: £659.99 | Online: nashtackle.com

Nash Titan shelters have been a huge hit with anglers over the years, and this new version should once again become a regular sight on the banks of lakes the length and breadth of the country.

If you have been around as long as I have, you’ll probably remember the stir that the first Titan created when it was released 20 years ago. I’m glad to see that this new version has had a revamp, and has evolved into something worth a closer look thanks to the clever use of new materials and unique design.

The T1 comes in a large carrybag that houses everything you need, with mesh panels to help with evaporation should it be packed away damp. Setting up was easy, although I did refer to the instructions, just in case. In a couple of minutes, it was pegged down with storm poles in place. It looked perfect at the first time of asking. The material feels quality, and the addition of vents front and back make it perfect for a wide range of conditions.

Inside there is a mesh inner dome with groundsheet, which went up with ease, and it serves two very useful functions. It not only keeps out unwanted guests, making it perfect for long trips abroad, but also helps with condensation. This inner can be removed to create more room inside.

Talking of space, the T1 has a large footprint, and thanks to the vertical back, the bedchair can be positioned well to the rear of the bivvy, so there’s loads of room. The whole thing oozes class, from the zips and poles, right through to the material and clever storm pole arrangement. As with the inner dome, you can unzip the front to create a brolly effect, which provides loads of protection due to the excellent peak design. There are lots of nice touches, such as the rain gutter, an internal light hanger, and the well thought out rod-retaining straps. The bivvy uses the very latest materials, which is obvious, including an upgraded block for reduced weight yet enhanced performance and rigidity, and a new frame design. Once set up, it swallowed my gear effortlessly, and I had more than enough space to do a week on the bank, as opposed to the 48hrs I had planned. With everything included, this bivvy weighs in at a gnat’s under 15kg, and can actually achieve 8kg if you strip out the dome, etc., which isn’t hard. Whether it’s a week or a night, the Titan can handle it, just like its popular predecessors.

My lasting impression is of an excellent product that has good build quality, and is well thought out with some great features, including the peak and inner dome. On Sunday afternoon, I was rather sad when the T1 was packed down and slipped effortlessly into its bag, simply because after the short weekend, it had to go back to Nash HQ. Although the time was brief, it left a lasting impression. 

Mick Clifford