X-Tra Protection Cradle | Chub


RRP: Standard – £69.99; XL – £89.99 | Online: chubfishing.co.uk

With fish care being of the utmost importance, carp cradles have become a necessity on many fisheries. This can sometimes be an issue for anglers because they take up a lot of space in transit, but the X-Tra Protection Cradle has been designed to fold away flat, without compromising on the best fish care possible. It features Chub’s own-design U-shaped arm slots, which allow you to get the arms flat with the bottom of the mat, and this makes it much easier to lift the fish. It has integrated knee pads and padded transportation straps, so handling fish is simple, without getting wet knees, and it folds away into a waterproof bag. This helps prevent the car getting wet on the way home – but always remember to dry your mat at the end of the session.

Mick Clifford