Premium Carp Food | The Nut Job Range

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This bait has been thoroughly tested for several months, and has loads of high-profile captures to its name, including fish to over 70lb. The boilie is made from a perfect blend of mixed ground nuts, seeds, milks, binders with just the right inclusion of natural vanilla powder, and a stunning peanut extract. Suitable for all-year-round use, and highly digestible with a great food signal. 

The boilies are available in both shelf life (£7.99 per kilo – price depends on size of order) and ready to freeze, which has a minimum order for fresh baits of 10kg at a very wallet-friendly £69.00. All the baits are available in 10, 14, and 18mm. 

Also in the range are several complementary products, including matching 10 and 14mm pop-ups. These are made using cork dust for super-long lasting buoyancy (£5.50 per tub). There are also Hard Hookers which will last at least 24hrs, if not longer, and they retail at £4.49. The range also includes Paste for £4.49, which is ideal for wrapping hookbaits or making cork ball pop-ups, and finally, Liquid Enhancer for £5.95, which is ideal for spod mixes or glazing baits. 

This entire range has produced some outstanding results, and is set to become a firm favourite with anglers now it is available to all. 

Mick Clifford