AVXS Wireless Alarms | Wychwood

RRP: £39.99 | Online: wychwoodcarp.com

Since these alarms arrived at Carpworld HQ I’ve had the pleasure of taking them out on a couple of occasions the first being a weekend trip on my local syndicate.

Pairing the heads is pretty simple and done via a line of four switches inside the battery compartments on both the heads and receiver, just flick them either up or down to create your own code, matched on every unit, and you are ready to go.

The speaker/volume button is also the on/off switch, so a long press for 5 seconds turns the head on, and then short presses alters the volume from loud to silent, in 7 stages. It’s a simple system and you soon get used to it. Next is the sensitivity button which also acts as a quick-mute feature, a 5 second press keeps the alarms silent for 30 seconds, and then automatically reverts back to your original settings. You have 6 levels of sensitivity, which is basically from 1cm to 20cm of movement which is a workable amount for even the most extreme conditions.

Finally, there’s a tone button which alters the pitch in 6 stages, from ear-splittingly high (my preference), to the dull frog-like rumble of the lowest tone. However, this also adjusts the latching time for the LEDs which ranges from 10-40 seconds, via long presses of the button. The LEDs come in purple, red, blue or white.

The alarm also has another feature that I haven’t seen on many alarms before, but what a great idea – in-built, retractable snag ears. These can be left flush to the body if you don’t need them, moved up to the first stage which is about 1.5cm, or fully extended to 3.5cm. I did find myself using this feature and found it pretty handy. 

Cosmetically the alarms are matt black although they come with interchangeable facias which are either black or match the colour of your LED. The head also has a low battery warning, and a 2.5mm jack plug socket which can be used with illuminated bobbins.

The receiver box is very similar cosmetically to the heads, but also boasts a tough ABS cover for added protection and has a supplied strap. It also has many of the same features, low battery warning, 6 tones, 7 volume settings, but also has vibration. The receiver is powered by 4 x AAA batteries, and is very simple to operate. 

The alarms and receiver feel robust and well made, and during the time I used them, showed no foibles or quirks. I like them, and for this new price they really do offer great value.

Mick Clifford