Kayshkym Pro Dome Two Man | Vision


RRP: £239.99 | Online: ultimate-direct.co.uk

This bivvy is really interesting for one simple fact, it is two bivvies in one, which I’ll explain later. Firstly, I’ll cover the nuts and bolts of the exterior. The bivvy is constructed in a three-rib pram hood format, which means it is dead easy to set up, which is good news. It has high-quality frame supports, which are manufactured from ultra-light 6061 aerospace grade aluminium, these keep the bivvy absolutely rock solid. The Pro Dome has a storm peak too, which directs rain away from the door, allowing you to sit in the bivvy with the door completely open, so that you can watch the water regardless of the weather. The bivvy comes with three door options. The first of these is the standard solid door, the second is the PVC clear door, and the third is a mozzi mesh option – which is ideal for exceptionally warm weather conditions.

One of the key features of the Pro Dome is Vision’s Windtex fabric. This technical fabric is manufactured using a stereo-weave before being PU coated in order to ensure that it is not only waterproof, but it is also totally breathable. It has a hydrostatic head rating of 20,000mm – the highest possible rating which can more than withstand even the most torrential of downpours. It also prevents condensation build up on the inside of the bivvy, keeping you and your gear dry in all conditions. Another important aspect of this fabric is that it can withstand a wide range of temperature changes without warping, ensuring that the bivvy is kept as tight as a drum no matter what.

With the heavy-duty groundsheet in place, the Pro Dome is insulated from the ground, and impervious to the elements. It is more than large enough for two bedchairs, or would make the perfect long-stay shelter for the angler who likes to take everything and the kitchen sink.

Now here’s the clever bit I said I’d bring to your attention; this bivvy also comes with a lightweight inner dome which can be clipped inside. To put it in place the first time isn’t hard just a little time consuming, but the effort is worthwhile. The end result is you get a twin-skinned bivvy perfect for all-year-round use, and still with masses of room inside. There’s even a set of pockets on the exterior of the inner dome, by the door, which are great for storing loads of things.

This bivvy is excellent quality and I was very impressed with the general build, and loved the material. It was easy to use, and very roomy inside, and even taking it down on a warm humid evening was a doddle. Like fitting the inner dome, getting it back in its back took a tiny bit of effort, but both those points are genuinely insignificant when you consider the whole package. It wasn’t until I returned to the office that I discovered the price, and I must admit, I had to double check it! For the money this really is a top-class bit of kit, and if you’d have told me it was £350, I would’ve still said that it’s pretty good value.

Mick Clifford