DNA Baits | Liquid Food Range

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There are four liquids available, one for each of DNA’s proven boilie ranges. All are based around the same amino combinations used in the construction of their freezer baits. They are ideal for all manner of uses too but they will lend themselves the best to an overnight soak for a good quality pellet, providing you with a direct match food source that will compliment your boilies...

As per the others, the Secret 7 (S7) liquid contains marine-extract proteins, liquid-meat extracts, vegetable extracts and spices.

The overriding difference being that the S7 liquid has a smooth peach and orange flavour, although it also contains Krill hydrolysate and human-grade molasses.

The SLK liquid contains an in-house produced gammarus shrimp-based liquid, liver hydrolysate, krill hydrolysate and just a hint of cod-liver oil. This mixture of liquids compliments the base mix of the freezer bait range, giving off incredible natural food signals!

The Nutta-S delivers a sweet, creamy combination of tiger nut extract, corn syrup and a highly refined hemp oil. Added to this is another unique flavour combination, including a particular strawberry oil. All in all, this liquid has a very strong smell and is ideal for later in the year, when the water has cooled and the carp’s senses may have dulled down for winter.

Last, but by no means least, The Switch liquid is probably the most complex of them all. This is a complete food source in its own right, containing no fewer than nine different liquid and ingredients! It has a meaty/yeasty aroma that comes from a unique flavour compound that DNA have access to and is packed with free-form amino acids, capsaicin and active peptides.

All four are available in three different sized bottles, 250ml, 500ml and 1L.

Mick Clifford