DT Bait Developments | Pukka Fish with Oily Chicken Boilie Range


RRP: From £12.35 per kg | www.dtbaits.co.uk

This wonderfully aromatic bait is an assault on the senses. Without wanting to dumb it down, it can only be likened to one of the best roast dinners you have ever smelled!

Containing the original Haith’s Robin Red, alongside high levels of fishmeal and green lipped mussel on a protein base, it is a textured bait designed to accelerate the speed of digestive transit, thereby encouraging prolonged feeding activity.

Also present are red salmon oil, whey powder and a soluble, hydrolysed chicken protein. Finally, it lays claim to having a ‘umami’ flavour – something that is being labelled as the fifth basic taste, with sweetness, sourness, bitterness and saltiness being the other four. This gives the bait a distinct savoury nature, characteristic of broths and cooked meats.

As usual, DT have provided an array of matching products to accompany the boilies themselves.

Mick Clifford