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There are three main lines within the Asso range that cater specifically for the carp angler. Mainline Pro is a mid-range copolymer offering superb strength and toughness, at a price point. It is a durable, hard-wearing and supple, coming in a choice of either green or brown. It is available in four different breaking strains between 10lb and 20lb and is supplied on 1000m bulk spools. RRP £12.99


Despite having exactly the same diameter as the other members of the Asso family, Mainline Abrasion has a unique compound within its make-up, meaning it is just about the toughest line on the market. So, if you’re fishing a venue that is dominated by roots, snag or gravel bars, this will be perfect for you. As per the Pro version this has a very supple feel to it, with not much stretch. It comes in two very different colours too, to match its intended terrain. A dark, mottled green/black, or a silt brown. RRP £16.99

Mainline Master is Asso’s premium carp line. As with offerings from a number of companies of late, it is a fluorocarbon-coated polymer, affording you all the fast-sinking properties of a fluoro, but without any of the hassles and restrictions normally associated with it. It has very little stretch and offers great strength while being supple enough for long-range casting and it obviously sinks very well due to the extra weight. As with all the above, it comes supplied on 1000m spools, in 10lb, 12lb, 16lb and 20lb BS. The diameter for all three is the same too, respectively 0.28mm, 0.31mm, 0.35mm and 0.40mm. RRP £19.99

Mick Clifford