Banana Rods | Vectrum 12ft 6in, 3½lb TC

RRP: From £535 |

In a very short space of time, this has become Banana Rods’ biggest selling model for those looking for a multi-purpose tool. With a wonderfully forgiving playing-action under the tip for such a powerful blank and without question, market-leading levels of finish and cosmetics, this beautiful rod is still capable of distances between 150-190 metres with ease (in the right hands, of course).

It is available in an almost limitless number of permutations via their website rod-building configurator and is supplied direct to your door. If your budget will allow, these really do warrant closer inspection... and should you so wish, they will send one out for you to try in advance – at a cost deductable from the final balance once you proceed with the purchase.

Mick Clifford