Gemini Carp Tackle | Tidy Booms

RRP: £3.49 for three - available in 5.5 and 7inch |


The Tidy Booms are hand-made here in the UK by Gemini Tackle. Formed using a unique, bonding process to fuse the loops together instead of via conventional crimping or tying, has created a far more secure and stronger loop with no discernible weak point. They use a high quality fluorocarbon in their make-up, with just the right blend of stiffness and suppleness, allowing them to kick away from the lead, yet lie flat on the lakebed. They are super sleek and their tidy finish gives for very neat rigs which allow for the addition of anti-tangle sleeves should you wish.

For the Tidy Booms, Gemini uses 30lb Flurocarbon with a 6mm fused loop at one end and the same again at the other end, with either a size 11 quick change ring swivel incorporated which is ideal for Ronnie rigs, or with a standard size 8 swivel which is ideal for hinge rigs. The booms are ideal if you are looking for a way to help improve your rig presentation.

Mick Clifford