Iceatope | Baiting Needles

RRP: £12.99 |

While it may be tough to wax lyrical about a baiting tool, these are a thing of beauty. The Night Needle is constructed from a clear VO polycarbonate body and features a 1.1mm high-carbon steel needle and built-in isotope. There are a range of nine colours to choose from, so you can either choose one to match the rest of your kit, or simply opt for a bright green that will make scrabbling about in the dark a thing of the past!

It comes complete with a 20mm split ring in the blunt end, this can either be used as a knot puller, or simply to hang it up somewhere for ease of location after dark.

They all benefit from an interchangeable needle/isotope mount, so if anything untoward should happen, you can simply replace the parts.

Mick Clifford