PowaPacs | Atom System

RRP: From £169.99 | www.powapacs.co.uk

Labelled as an ‘Off Grid’ charging system, the Atom is quite a beast. Built using Panasonic lithium-ion battery cells, it is available in two power ratings– 60,000mAh or 78,000mAh and, compete with an array of charging points, it is capable of keeping you going on all but the very longest of sessions. And only then if there isn’t any sunlight! Two different, fold-out solar panels are available for those who favour trips abroad, with either 40 or 60W ratings. The 60W can fully recharge either unit in 8-11 hours of full sunlight, or they will charge by conventional means within 4-6 hours indoors. Should you be caught short, there is always the possibility to charge the unit via plug-in car charger while on the move.

Both come complete with four 5V 3.1 amp USB outlets, one DC 12V 10 amp outlet and even a 230V 50Hz AC output. This should cover you for all eventualities. It has already been used to charge photographic equipment, search and rescue equipment, medical devices, televisions, drones and even games consoles – so just make sure that the device you wish to charge is compatible with the 150 watt surge protector rating!

Despite all this, the Atoms only weigh 2kg or 2.1kg (depending on power rating) and are supplied in a handy carry case that will house the unit, the mains charging lead and even the solar panel should you buy one.

Mick Clifford