Reuben Heaton | TroKar Hooks

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Many of you probably won’t associate Reuben Heaton with anything other than weigh scales but they are the distributor for the American TroKar Eagle Claw hooks here in the UK.

We have seen a number of high-profile anglers using these in recent years, although they may have been a little bit hesitant about saying as much! These wickedly sharp hooks come in a number of familiar patterns, although their points are anything but.


Using what is known as surgically sharpened technology or SST for short, they all feature a three-sided, symmetrical point that is scalpel sharp. Designed in the USA, working alongside an industry leading manufacturer of needles, they formulated a point specifically for angling using a special high-carbon Q741 wire which is then tempered to provide the maximum amount of strength, while allowing just enough flex to resist breaking.

Available in five patterns; Chod, Wide Gape, Curve Shank, Long Shank and Heavy Duty and in sizes ranging from 1-10, they will cover every eventuality.

Mick Clifford