RidgeMonkey | Connect Compact Sandwich Toaster (Standard & XL)

RRP: £22.99 Standard or £29.99 XL | www.ridgemonkey.co.uk


In their own words, the best just got better! And we’re inclined to agree. As much as the old toasters became an essential part of bankside-life, they were a bugger to carry about if you wanted to keep them separate to the internals of your main carryall.

Times change however, and, amongst other things, this latest model features detachable, ‘cool touch’ magnetic handles that stowaway inside the pans themselves when in transit, leaving you with a much smaller item to deal with – hence the ‘compact’ moniker!

As mentioned above, the top and bottom pans now disconnect with a simple twist movement, allowing you to cook a few items at once, stoves providing. And as has been the case for a while, a full utensil kit is included too. The fluoropolymer non-stick coating is the same as before, making cooking and cleaning away after use, painless and simple! The toaster comes supplied in its own neoprene carry case.

Mick Clifford