Taylors Lead Lounge | Inline, Backleads, Feature and Gripper Leads

RRP: Prices from 70p | www.taylorsleadlounge.co.uk

All of the leads from Taylors Lead Lounge are handcrafted and double coated to ensure durability. They are available in a choice of smooth or textured finishes and in a whole host of sizes, depending on the style. All their leads are finished with a large eye, matte black swivel that is compatible with all lead clips currently on the market.

The inline leads are available in a choice of three styles: dumpy distance, flat pear or square – and in weights from 2-3oz. These are ideal for PVA bag fishing or when using running rigs.

The feature finding lead has a very distinctive, nose-heavy shape, with four protuberances at the end, which will undoubtedly highlight every bump, stone and change of lakebed. They also benefit from a very narrow ‘shoulder’ to help counter collecting too much weed on the retrieve. They can be ordered in 3oz or 4oz sizes and only come with a textured coating.

Their gripper leads definitely aren’t the ones for fishing at range but the flattened shape, allied with a nobbly finish to each side will certainly aid anyone fishing on the rivers or at range with the use of a boat. They come in a range of sizes between 2-4oz and are available in both the smooth and textured coatings, and even a sandy finish which is available upon request.

The backleads do what they say on the tin. Available in one size, they are perfect for using when targeting wary fish, fishing across deep margins, or when fishing multiple rods on a spot. Once again you have a choice of two textured finishes for these, or you can request a smooth/sandy finish if required.

Mick Clifford