Bait-Tech 150g Pop-up pouches | RRP: £9.99 | Online:

Bait-Tech have listened to their customers and decided to produce these XL pouches of single-colour pop-ups. Available in both the Poloni and Triple-N, they come in white and pastel shades of pink and yellow. The Poloni are available in 14mm and 18mm, whilst the Triple-N come in either 15mm or 18mm. There is also a limited edition ‘specials’ range for the Triple-N, these being a slightly more vivid shade of pink and yellow, for those that prefer their hookbait to stand out more. With an estimated 110 hookbaits in each pouch and free postage too, they’re certainly good value for money.


Bait-Tech Carp Floaters – Bulk Pack | RRP: £TBC | Online:

With summer looking like it’s not giving up just yet and another predicted heatwave just around the corner, Bait-Tech have released this handy 3½kg re-sealable bag of floating biscuits. Ideal for those long, hot days and/or last minute hour-long sessions when the last rays of sun are dancing across the surface of the pond. Keep them in the boot of the car and you’re ready to go at the drop of a hat!

Mick Clifford