DNA Baits


DNA Baits S7 | RRP: £50 /5kg 12mm - RRP £60 /5kg 8mm | Online: www.dnabaits.com


DNA pride themselves on doing things a little differently while producing the best product they can, so it comes as little surprise that they have released these two premium baits in a unique manner. Whilst the 12mm shelf-life baits are nothing revolutionary, making 8mm baits available to the masses, is.

Available either as the S7, or as the SLK, they are sure to have a multitude of uses and offer something that most carp certainly won’t have seen before.

Both baits are only available in 5kg bags, with there being a slight premium for those wishing to purchase the 8mm.


DNA Baits SLK | RRP: £50 /5kg 12mm - RRP £60 /5kg 8mm | Online: www.dnabaits.com


Their second offering, the SLK is lighter in colour, almost earthy and has a completely natural make-up. The main attractors are Yeast Extract, Hydrolysed Liver Powder and Fenugreek, along with a unique blend of natural salts and spices. Once more they have used the LT and CPSP90, as well as a little milk powder, some premium CLO and liquidised shrimp, liver liquid and krill hydrolysate.

Mick Clifford