ESP | PVA Bags | RRP: From £3.25 | Online:

First up are ESP’s new-look PVA bags. The most obvious change is the packaging but inside they are still made from the same tough, strong film, leaving zero residue within the correct time frame. Unlike some others, they won’t release their contents prematurely, making them perfect for deep water use. The plain bags are ideal for use with oil-based liquids and additives, while the perforated bags are great for distance casting and deeper water, as the multitude of holes over their surface mean that no air pockets can remain inside them.

They come in four sizes: Sock, Bulk, Multi and Mini. The narrow shape of the sock helps aid good casting range and accuracy. The bulk bags are great for carrying a decent load, holding up to 7½oz when fully laden (inc. a lead). The Multi and Mini more suited for general purpose work and outright distance work.


ESP | Bait Screws | RRP: From £1.95 | Online:

Amongst other new terminal tackle releases from ESP, are the bait screws. While they’re not new to the marketplace anymore, I can’t see why anybody would use anything else for 90% of their fishing. Although they are obviously not ideal for bottom bait use, unless they really are air dried to the max, they make fishing with pop-ups and wafters a pleasure. No more tying on. No more threading. No more blobbing. Simply hold the screw in place and twist your required hookbait down the thread until it finishes and you’re ready to go! For the philistines out there, they are available in metal, complete with a flexi-ring to allow additional movement. ESP have also gone to the trouble of creating a lightweight, moulded plastic version that will be perfect for those using smaller hookbaits, or those not wanting to faff about too much with buoyancy and balancing.

ESP Leadcore | RRP: £6.95 | Online:

Last but by no means least, are these handy, 7m spools of the renowned ESP leadcore, which are designed to fit alongside spools of hooklink material and other items within the majority of modern tackle boxes. Available in their standard colour ways: Weedy Green, Sandy Gravel, Camo Brown and Silt Grey, the ESP leadcore has a stated 45lb breaking strain and an extra high lead content meaning it sinks like a brick, though still remaining supple and easy to splice.

ESP Ronnie Rigs | RRP: £4.95 | Online:


ESP have also brought ready-made Ronnie rigs to the table. The nation’s must-have rig of the past two years is now available in packs of three and with size 4 or 6 hooks, in both barbed and barbless. Constructed using their new non-slip Grip Stop hook bead, a Hook Ring Swivel, Quick Change Uni-Link Swivel and the all-important Cryogen Curve Shanx hook, they offer great hooking potential and the perfect pop-up presentation.

Mick Clifford