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Fox Arma Mesh | RRP: £10.00 | Online:

For those of you who aren’t aware, this product, which has been around for a long, long time now, is an absolute godsend for those fishing with small baits. Recently re-branded to fall under the Edges banner, in principle it is a like a non-dissolving PVA, but constructed from nylon with a tough, hexagonal weave. It is perfect for wrapping soft baits such as prawns, cheese, bread and sweetcorn. It can also be used for creating boilie-sized parcels of hemp, mini pellets and the like, that would normally be very tricky to present with a conventional hair rig.

Finally, for those fishing waters that contain the dreaded poisson chat and/or crayfish, it can be used to provide an additional barrier against these nuisance species, permitting you to fish how you would prefer, instead of having to opt for artificial baits.

Available in two versions, with either a narrow 14mm, or wide 22m mesh, both are supplied in a moulded loading tube, complete with plunger.

Fox Fluorocarbon Leaders | RRP: £5.99 | Online:

Another recent addition to their Edges range, are these readymade leaders, designed to aid concealment around the rig. Featuring a 75cm length of 30lb fluorocarbon with a fused loop at either end, they also have a smooth plastic outer coating for additional abrasion resistance. Available with a choice of size 7 or 10 Kwik Change Swivels on one end, they are sold individually.

Supplied on 10M spools, this ultra-supple, lead free material is ideal for venues that have a lead-core ban in place. It features a ‘fleck camo’ pattern and sinks like the proverbial brick, allowing it to blend seamlessly over any lake bed. It is available in three breaking strains – 30lb, 40lb and 50lb, for all manner of situations and is very easy to splice.

Fox Submerge Camo Leaders | RRP: £10.99 | Online:

Mick Clifford