Gardner Tackle | Carp Duvet & Crash Bag


Gardner Tackle Carp Duvet Plus | RRP: £125.00 |

Gardner recently rolled out an improved version of their incredibly popular sleeping bag. There have been two key changes, notably the adjustment to its dimensions. They have reduced the overall length by 30cm and widened it by 5cm. This means that the bag will now fit far better on most bedchairs. They have also redesigned the supplied carry bag, so that if you choose not to leave the bag in place when packing away, it will now go comfortably inside without the need for a wrestling match.

Aside from that, the Carp Duvet Plus is still an awesome piece of kit. The oversized, multi-layered bag is perfect for year-round use – the breathable outer is also water repellent. The removable centre section means you can switch between a comfy 4-season rating, to a 5-season at the switch of some toggles.

All the inner surfaces are lined using super-smooth 190D Rip Stop Taffeta, giving uninhibited movement. It also has full shoulder and zip baffles, plus a draw cord which all help to eliminate draughts and keep you warm whilst on the bank.

In terms of features, it has two ‘stash pockets’ for the storage of wallets, phones, etc., a retaining flap at either end and an adjustable strap in the middle to ensure it stays in place on your bed. There is also a high quality ¾ length crash zip that allows for an easy exit, while making doubly sure that there isn’t a chill around the occupant’s feet.


The compact version does what it says on the tin! Essentially identical to its bigger brother in all but dimensions. It has been sized specifically to fit on standard-sized bedchairs.

Featuring the same layering system within the bag, incorporating a double layer of ‘hollow fill’ fibre, it offers excellent thermal insulation and comfort all year-round.

Gardner Tackle Carp Duvet Compact | RRP: £115.00 |


Gardner Tackle Crash Bag | RRP: £59.99 |

From one extreme to the other – the Crash Bag is perfect for those that like to travel light, as it only weighs 2kg. It is finished in the same DPM material as their other offerings and also has the same 190D Taffeta interior but with a 3-season rating. It is better suited to spring and summer, unless you couple it with Gardner’s bed chair cover when the temperatures start to drop.

Mick Clifford