New Direction Tackle | Bluetooth Bite Alarm Set

RRP: £66.20 each or £256.79 3-rod presentation set |


Whilst perhaps they’re not as well-known as brands such as Delkim, Fox or Neville, New Direction have been producing alarms for a while now and these, the range-topping K9s, have as many features as you could possibly wish for in their clever heads.

First and foremost, they operate via Bluetooth technology, meaning they are adjustable from the confines of your bed chair, using an app on your phone! They have an enviable specification too, with removable and illuminating snag bars, automatic night lights, a very handy mute function, backlit roller wheel, an illuminated halo around the speaker, 2.5mm jack socket for external output and the obvious volume, tone and sensitivity controls.

Available separately, or in case as a 3-rod presentation set, complete with a receiver. They are well worth a look for those operating on a budget.

Mick Clifford