PowaPacs | Solar Panel

RRP: £150 – SP £114.99 while stocks last | www.powapacs.co.uk


Equipped with SunPower solar cells, which are amongst the most efficient on the market, this is the second most powerful foldable solar unit that PowaPacs supply. Rated at 40W, it is capable of generating 100-200Wh daily via the output interface. This can then be used to charge smartphones (approx. 10 times), tablets, iPads, USB cameras, USB lamps, or any other device with USB connectivity via a 5V output.

In addition to the USB outputs, there is also an 18V DC output, especially handy for charging additional power banks, or any item with a 3-pin plug.

It is important to remember that the power produced by a solar panel is DC, or direct current, so if the item you are intending to charge would normally run off a 3-pin power supply at home, it will now need to be run through a Voltz inverter/or your PowaPac base unit.

To that end, we recommend that you don’t just buy the PowaPac itself, nor the solar panel, but choose to have both. In doing so, you can allow the energy gained from the panel to ‘soak’ into the PowaPac through the course of a day, keeping that charged and negating the need to use the panel for anything else.

The solar panel is large (4ft) when fully extended but folds away into a nice compact package of approximately 1ft. It is finished in a heavy duty, waterproof PVC600D fabric sleeve and comes supplied with a 2.1mm DC cable to allow remote charging.

Mick Clifford