Rod Hutchinson | Dream Maker 42-inch Adjustable Landing Net

RRP: £129.99 |


This is a wonderful bit of kit. Although not as light and manoeuvrable as some – due in part to its double thickness handle, containing the built-in 1M extension, it bears all the hallmarks of quality.

Constructed from S-3K 40T carbon throughout – including the net arms – and with a number of useful features like carry handles in the base of the mesh, a dedicated net-float with elasticated fittings, a net clip and ring and, of course, that handle.

It is 5ft 6in when closed and 8ft 9in when extended, very handy when either in confined spaces, or if you’re a zig angler, or someone fishing from any great height, or over bankside obstructions.

The pole and arms are very stiff, obviously, while the net itself has an ultra-soft, durable mesh; and to round it all off, there is a shrink-wrapped handle, laser-etched butt cap and a unique, machined carbon spreader block. Cosmetically it matches the rods of the same name, with a nice matte finish to the carbon and green accents around the collar and handle.

Mick Clifford