Solar Tackle | SP Range


Solar Tackle SP C-Tech Sleep System | RRP: £399.99 Standard – £449.99 Wide |

Billed as one of the comfiest bedchairs around, the Solar SP is available just as a bed but we are taking a look at the full sleep system. It comes complete with a 5-season sleeping bag and a Rip-Stop bedchair cover.

It features the highest quality materials throughout, including the exclusive 3D Dura-Dore air-pocketed mattress, high-tensile aluminium frame, unique Spring-Loc leg adjustment and a twin-pivot hinge system.

In keeping with current trends, it has a taut canvas panel underneath that will prevent any sagging in the mid-section. The standard frame is 205cm x 80cm, with the wide version gaining an extra 15cm. The standard bed weighs in at 12kg.

Solar Tackle SP Air-Dry Bag | RRP: £14.99 |

A giant amongst (air-dry) bags, this offering from Solar is capable of holding up to 10kg at once. Benefitting from a durable, rubberised mesh, extra-strength seams and strong carry handles, it should last a long time – providing it is kept out of reach of our furry friends...

On that note, Solar have also thought to supply it with a zipped, waterproof cover that can shield your boilies with once they are dry enough, to prevent them cracking and drying out, as well as keeping the surrounding area of your car or boat clean while transporting them. It does obviously serve a third purpose, that being as a rudimentary second layer of protection from thieving magpies and rodents while it’s hanging from the branches of a tree at the back of your swim!

Mick Clifford