Sticky Baits


Sticky Baits Pure Hemp Oil | RRP: £7.99 /500ml | Online:

As the name suggests, this premium grade, cold-pressed oil is derived from one of the finest angling baits of all time. It is also recognised as the principal attractor within hempseed itself. This oil has a wonderful, nutty taste and aroma and a nutritional profile that is rich in omega oils, vitamins and minerals.

As with the other products within the range, it is PVA friendly so, alongside being one of the greatest additions to your spod mix or boilies ever, it is also perfect for dampening down a bag/stick mix and/or coating pellets with.

Sticky Baits Pure Salmon Oil | RRP: £6.99 /500ml | Online:

Another recenrt addition to their liquid food range, this oil is loaded with Omega 3 and Omega 6, providing the essential fatty acids that carp need. Sourced direct from Scottish fish farms, it is best used for glugging and glazing boilies and hookbaits. Being PVA-friendly, it can also be used within bags if applied to pellets and other smaller food items.


Sticky Baits Fish Sauce Bait Soak | RRP: £6.99 /500ml | Online:

This totally natural liquid comprises a fermented anchovy extract, salt and sugar, giving it a strong, salty-sweet taste that carp will love. The Sticky version is actually used in Thai cooking and is therefore human-grade, meaning it is of the very highest standard.

As well as primarily making a great particle soak, it will also double up nicely as a glaze when poured over boilies and pellets. Once again, as it is a PVA-friendly liquid, its extremely soluble nature means that it would make an ideal addition to a PVA bag, releasing extra attraction within the water column almost immediately once resting on the lakebed.

Sticky Baits Liquid Liver | RRP: £9.99 /1L | Online:


Supplied in their signature 1L jerry cans (pun intended), this top quality, pre-digested Liquid Liver is packed full of amino acids, providing a strong feeding response from carp. The qualities of this meaty liquid have been known for generations. It is a superb additive, boosting the attraction of any bait.

Sticky Baits Signature Squid Wafters | RRP: From £6.50 per Tub | Online:

Instead of the usual over-flavoured ‘blanks’ that seem to be prevalent on the shelves of many bait companies, these bespoke hookbaits are full of the best natural attractors that Sticky could lay their hands on. First and foremost, there is an exclusive Norwegian squid hydrolysate, the all-time classic squid and octopus flavour, as well as other fish proteins, powdered palatants and green-lipped mussel powder.

They come in a pot of mixed colours, with a soft white and washed out, dull pink and yellow too. And they are available in two sizes, either 12mm or 16mm.

Sticky Baits Manilla Dumbell Wafters | RRP: £6.50 per Tub | Online:

Designed to replicate the Manilla boilies, these wafters will slowly sink under the weight of a hook, negating the weight of the rig and leaving a counter balanced bait. Rolled in a slightly lighter shade than the boilies themselves, they should blend in perfectly once those have ‘washed out’ after a few hours in the lake. Ideal for those ‘match the hatch’ situations, fishing as singles, or in partnership with any product within the Manilla range.

Mick Clifford