Wychwood Riot Cork 12ft 3lb TC Rods | RRP: £64.99 each | www.wychwoodcarp.co.uk

With the same, sleek modern finish as the 9ft model we looked at last month, the 12ft Riot is ideal for those looking for a set of rods that won’t break the bank. Available in both 3lb and 3¼lb test curves, they will cater with all but the most extreme distances. As we stated in the previous issue, the matte-finish, black DPS reel seat and double-legged guides really help set them apart from other rods at this price point and with the buy two, get one free deal still in place, it’d be silly not to have a look if you’re in the market. What’s more, there is even a matching ‘utility’ rod that can double-up between spod and markering duties.

Wychwood Floating Weigh Sling | RRP: £44.99 | www.wychwoodcarp.co.uk

This new and improved dual-purpose weigh sling can also be used as a short term retainer. Featuring a quick drain, fish-friendly material throughout and reinforced carry handles, it has four reflective floats to ensure it is ultra-buoyant and a pocket containing its 5M retention cord.

The quick drain construction makes for accurate weighing of fish, while a double zip sees that your prize is secure while it is in there.

It is supplied in an oversized, roll-top stink bag, which will hide all but the worst smells when driving home after a successful session.

Mick Clifford