Carp rods are generally designed to be between 12ft and 13ft in length, however, recently the trend for shorter rods has really taken off. This is where the Cross range of rods from Banana Rods comes in. The lovingly-crafted wands are available in both 10ft and 11ft models, making them slightly shorter than conventional carp rods. This lack of length though has its benefits. A shorter rod is easier to work with in tight and enclosed swims, especially places which suffer from neglected overhead tree cover. A lack of length is also a benefit for anglers who use a boat regularly to play their fish from. A conventional 12 or 13ft rod overhangs the boat too far and can end up breaking if a fish decides to make a bid for freedom. By using a shorter rod, boat anglers can keep pressure on a hard-fighting fish, without fear of breaking the rod. It goes without saying that shorter rods are easier to store too, and so if you only have a small vehicle or live in a small house or flat then a shorter set of rods is a great option.

As with the rest of the Banana Rod range the Cross rods are made with the utmost care and attention to detail. They utilise five different types of aerospace grade carbon fibre to ensure they are as strong as possible. Despite their short nature, the Cross range is blessed with fantastic casting ability – they aren’t just a gimmick to fill a gap in the market. The Cross range have also been designed with fish-playing action in mind. They have a specialised action, with lots of power low-down in the rod. This helps with close quarter combat, especially when playing a fish from a boat.

Of course, the Cross range comes with a myriad of different customisation options including a range of reel seats, handles and rings. These can all be added, along with coloured whipping and personalised inscriptions. There are four models in the range; 10ft 3lb, 10ft 3½lb, 11ft ½lb, 11ft 3¼lb and 11ft 3½lb. Both the 10ft 3lb and 11ft 3¼lb models are available as a quick ship option, all other models must be ordered through the customisation shop on the Banana Rods website.