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The new range of Bait Sprays from Mainline were developed to offer an instant boost of attraction to your chosen hookbait. The Sprays are designed to stick to hookbaits instantly and due to the thin nature of the liquids used, the Sprays soak into baits almost instantly and provide a prolonged leakage of flavour into the water column. Although they have been developed to match the range of Mainline Hi-Visual pop-ups, their use is only limited by your imagination. Primarily, the sprays were designed to be applied to hookbaits just before casting, to provide an instant boost of attraction. They can, of course, be used for lots more though. Flavouring stick mix or pellets can be a great method, as can using the spray on fake baits to help impregnate them with scent. Mainline Bait Sprays come in 50ml bottles priced at £4.99 in the following seven flavours: Pineapple Juice, Fruit-Tella, Tutti Frutti, Milky Toffee, Toasted Almond, Chocolate Orange Fizz and Shellfish Black Pepper. 


Mick Clifford