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The Berry Bubble Range is brand new, and covers all aspects, with both freezer baits and shelf-lifes available. The flavour combination includes blackcurrant, mixed summer fruits and bubblegum; the liquids and hookbaits in particular smell like a veritable sweet shop! The bottom baits are a little subtler as you would expect, yet still produce enough food signals once introduced to the lake, thanks to a high-quality soluble base mix. The ancillary products in the Berry Bubble range include pop-ups, hard hookbaits, boilie dips, pellets and DNA liquid – the latter of which creates a fantastic cloud in the water column, perfect for soaking your freebies in. Right now, you can pick up 5kg bundle deals of Berry Bubble which includes matching pop-ups, pellets and a bottle of DNA liquid for £49.99.

Mick Clifford