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 The DNA Baits Half Tones range has been expanded, with the addition of a set of wafters and Intense Boosters. As before these new additions use the same flavours: Secret 7 and The Switch. The Switch offers an array of pungent meaty smells while the S7 is fruity and sweet with a slight fishy note in the background. This tells you they are most certainly still an angling bait and not from the pick ‘n’ mix shop! 
DNA are renowned for their beautifully rolled hookbaits and the new Half Tones wafters are no exception. Each tub is jam-packed full of a 50/50 blend of white and pale pink 12mm × 15mm dumbells. The hookbaits balance up perfectly with a size 8 hook and make a fantastic target hookbait for over a baited area or fished as a single hookbait. The optimum levels of liquid attraction, plus elevated flavour levels, make the Half Tones very hard to resist. 
The new Intense Boosters can be used for both the new wafters and the pop-ups in the range. Each 15ml bottle contains the exact flavour compound to match the range of Half Tones hookbaits. A few drops over a full pot is enough to boost the attraction in the hookbaits for several weeks. Thanks to the concentrated, thin liquid, the small amount that is used shouldn’t affect the buoyancy of both the pop-ups and wafters alike. The Boosters aren’t just for use on the Half Tones hookbaits though, they are ideal for soaking plastic


Mick Clifford