You would be hard pushed to find a company that is not only as passionate as Banana Rods, but also one that uses the materials and methods to back their passion up. They have a carp rod for every situation, but the T48 is a classic all-rounder. All four models in the range can be used to punch large PVA bags to the horizon, yet can also be forgiving when playing fish under the rod tip. However, the 12ft 3¼lb version is the cream of the crop when it comes to being multidimensional – it will truly do it all. 
    Banana Rods utilise the best carbon fibre on the market. It is ultra-high modulus, meaning all their rods are as light as possible and very responsive. The high-quality carbon is combined with nano technology too, which is used by a lot of top rod makers. Nano technology utilises nano particles, which sit between the carbon molecules and allow the blank to utilise less resin. This makes Banana Rods crisper and more responsive. 
    The action of the rods is improved further with the use of ‘Inline Fibre Placement’. In simple terms, during the carbon rolling process the fibre is realigned every seven degrees. This makes the range of Banana Rods incredibly responsive, and also decreases the overall weight. 
    Precision and power are also high on the agenda for the chaps at Banana Rods. Power X90 utilises 90-degree angled carbon spirals laid around Banana’s rod blanks. These ultra-fine layers of carbon make Banana Rods super powerful and capable of fishing at long range with ease. Thanks to the 45-degree woven carbon throughout the rods, Banana Rods deliver remarkable accuracy. The different angle reduces the twist action of the rod during a cast, making them cast much truer and ensures you land on your spot every time.
    One manufacturing process which stuck out was the use of carbon whippings. This process is exclusive to Banana Rods and benefits the range. It uses sheets of carbon to attach the eyes to the blank, this is then cured in the oven and epoxy resin sealed. The carbon whippings are up to 50% stronger than standard thread and offer greater flex, and thus improve the overall action of the blank.
    As you would expect from such a premium product, all Banana Rods are handmade in their French factory. So you can rest assured that the finished product you receive will be perfectly crafted and also perform to the highest standard. If your budget can stretch, you will be hard pushed to find a finer set of rods than a set of T48s.

Mick Clifford