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Many companies produce particles, however some of the best come from CC Moore. The new range of Fresh Particles sets another benchmark for the pre-prepared particle market. As the name suggests the range has no preservatives used within the cooking process, and so they are as natural as possible. To start with, the range includes Intense Hemp, Tigers in Talin and Steeped Black Tigers. All three are very popular already and are sure to be even more of hit in this fresh variant. Once opened the Fresh Particles will last five days so long as they are kept cool and covered in their own juices. Before use it is advised to keep them in a cool dry place and use before the expiry date. Conveniently, the range of Fresh Particles are supplied in screw top 2.5L jars and so can be stored in a shed or garage until they are required. If you don’t have the time, or understanding partner to be able to prep your own particle baits, then these are definitely worth a look.

Mick Clifford