Micron RX+ | Fox International

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There is no doubt that the Fox NTXR Alarms were extremely popular, so when Fox announced they would be replaced, the new boys on the block had a tough act to follow. Throwing it back a few years, Fox decided the new alarms would be called RX+, and as many will remember Micron RX Digital alarms were a top seller over ten years ago. Despite having an old school name though, the new Micron RX+ alarms are far from old, and contain the latest technology.

            Although it is hard to believe for a non-angler, looks play a huge part in whether an angler parts with their ‘hard-earned’ for an item of tackle. The design of the RX+ alarms is very modern but still follows the same basic shape we have become used to. The adjustable volume, tone and sensitivity controls are situated down one side of the alarm. These have been ergonomically designed to be easier to adjust than the smaller dials on the NTXR alarms. Of course, the matte black plastic casing of the RX+ alarms is fully weather sealed and should stand up to even the fiercest of storms.

            The new alarms aren’t just aesthetically pleasing, they perform brilliantly too and many functions have been improved. Inside there have been vast improvements made on the internal workings – sensitivity is improved on the previous model with 2.8mm of movement triggering a bleep from the coned speaker at maximum sensitivity. The alarm heads themselves have taller ears and a larger clearance around the roller wheel. This reduces the need for snag ears and the extra clearance improves water drainage, which decreases the chances of the roller wheel freezing up in extreme conditions. Twin multi-coloured LEDs are positioned at the top of each ear, making them clearly visible from any angle. The LED colour can be changed with an external button on the rear of the alarm, with the colour chosen being reflected on the RX+ Receiver. Both day and night mode can be selected via the switch on the front of the alarm and the brightness of the LEDs can be changed with the button on the rear.

            Par for the course, the RX+ Receiver is just as feature packed as the alarms themselves. The free-standing design and soft grip casing make it much more user friendly than its predecessor. The signal is much stronger, and the Receiver can take up to eight alarm heads so you should never be left wanting more. Fox have also fitted larger LED windows that can be seen from both above and the front of the Receiver. In addition to this, there is a bivvy light function on the Receiver that is triggered once a bite is received.

            As with the previous NTXR model, the RX+ Alarms and Receiver both run on standard AA batteries, which are easy to source and won’t break the bank. You can purchase both alarm heads and receivers separately, or there are two-rod, three-rod and four-rod presentation sets available. There is absolutely no denying the facts – Fox have truly knocked it out of the park with the RX+ Alarms and Receiver.

Mick Clifford