RRP: £4.30 for 10 | VMCPECHE.COM


Upon receiving the sample of the Mystic Carp Hooks, we didn’t really know what to expect. Considering the huge amount of hooks already available we thought they would be just another addition to an already busy market. We couldn’t have been more wrong though, these offerings from VMC are some of the sharpest carp hooks we have ever seen. Each one is dangerously sharp, straight out of the packet. There’s a pattern to suit every angler too – short shank, long shank, wide gape, chod and curve shanks are all available. The whole range is available in barbless and barbed variants, with some barbed versions available with resin-sealed eyes. This protects the hooklink from being cut by the join in the metal, which can occur when using monos, fluorocarbon or thin braids. The whole range is made from high carbon steel which ensures they will be strong enough to cope with every fishing situation. The hooks are finished in P.T.F.E coating which aids hooking and stops the hooks from reflecting sunlight. VMC have also used their Needle Sharp™ points on all the new carp hooks, which involves a combination of chemical sharpening and grinding.

Mick Clifford