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One of the most exciting releases for 2018 has to be the brand new range of Pinpoint Hooks from the guys at Nash Tackle. Following their acquisition of the reputable Pinpoint brand, Nash have combined their expertise with key innovator Marc Voosen. The result is a range of hooks which are not only super sharp but are also 50% stronger than Nash’s old hook range.

     Fans of the original hooks will be pleased to see the Fang X, Twister and Chod Twister are all included in the new line of wicked irons. The hooks are exactly the same shape as before, but benefit from the latest in carbon steel alloy technology. Not only does this make them stronger, but as an added bonus the finished hooks are lighter and sharper than the originals.

     There are four new patterns in the range: Claw, Flota Claw, Twister Long Shank and Fang Gyro. The Claw and Flota Claw are amongst the most talked about due to their radical new shape. The unique apex angle bend offers better hook holds and increases the overall strength of the hook. The only difference between the Flota Claw and the standard Claw is the wire gauge. Flota Claws are much thinner in the wire to enable small surface hookbaits to be used without affecting their buoyancy.

     The Long Shank Twister is simply a longer version of the already popular Twister pattern. The long shank and in turned eye help with anti-eject rigs and the long, wickedly sharp point is hard to ignore.

      The last, but certainly not least exciting, addition to the range is the brand new Fang Gyro. This interesting new addition should be a revelation for anglers who fish the Ronnie rig, as it features a micro ring swivel fused to the eye of a Fang X hook. This means there are no weak links from altering a quick change swivel to suit your needs. The superior 360° movement of the Fang Gyro hooks increases hooking potential massively, particularly when used with a buoyant bait.

     The Pinpoint range come in a variety of sizes in both barbed and barbless, ranging from a size 10 up to a 1, with all patterns apart from Fang Gyros available in a variety of intermediate sizes too. The range of standard hooks are available in packs of ten, whereas the more expensive Fang Gyros are supplied in fives. They are due in shops this February, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for them!

Mick Clifford